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NEX-Impact provides insight and practical knowledge that increases the ability of nonprofit leaders and social investors to maximize their potential to generate meaningful community impact.

Why Us?

NEX-Impact’s services are delivered through customized approaches that consider the unique needs of each client. We identify, strategize and achieve goals and objectives that lead to real results. 

Our Services


One-on-One Consultations and Coaching

Meeting Facilitation, Trainings and Workshops

One-on-One Consultations and Coaching


Project Management

Meeting Facilitation, Trainings and Workshops

One-on-One Consultations and Coaching


Meeting Facilitation, Trainings and Workshops

Meeting Facilitation, Trainings and Workshops

Meeting Facilitation, Trainings and Workshops


We offer a unique insight, skills set and experience that build nonprofits' intellectual and resource capital, provide a practical understanding of investment decision-making and emphasize bridging the gap between traditionally isolated nonprofits and mainstream investors.


"As Founder & CEO of WE LIFT LA, it has been a pleasure working with NEX-Impact. The services have been invaluable in helping us focus on specific programs. NEX-Impact's due diligence identified many potential board candidates, which resulted in two new board members. Their preparation and organizational skills are excellent.  Their consultants have calm, patient personalities. They're refreshing and very much appreciated. We look forward to working with NEX-Impact in the future as we continue to grow." 

​Joyce Harmon


"Community Coalition gained from NEX-Impact's expertise, passion and 'know-how' during our work with the company. NEX-Impact was a key partner in helping CoCo into new areas of work, connecting with new partners and identifying expanded horizons for growth. We counted on NEX-Impact among a treasured group of 'go-to' consultants as we faced organizational growth opportunities and challenges."

Marqueece Harris Dawson
Former CEO, Community Coalition

L.A. City Council Member, 8th District

"We enlisted NEX-Impact to get professional guidance and expertise in creating strategic ways to build organizational capacity through long-term profitability and financial planning.  We had the opportunity to gain a very useful organizational capacity assessment/forecast and a resource development action plan that we can use as viable tools to assist us in scaling up.   It was particularly encouraging to work with professionals who exemplify commitment and passion for our core mission."

Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, 

Founder/CEO, ​Student African American Brotherhood 

"NEX-Impact has provided unprecedented support for the capacity building of our organization. They have assisted us in identifying evaluation and organizational assessment services, board development support, and connected us to additional resources in the foundation community. This support was critical to ensuring the stability of our organization in a shifting nonprofit climate."

Zaid Gayle

Executive Director, Peace4Kids

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